Planning a Fence Installation?

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When planning a fence project, a little prep work can go a long way to ensure a happy, hassle-free outcome.

  • Check with your HOA to be sure there are no restrictions on a fence installation, or if there are, what guidelines are in effect for your community.

  • Locate your plat to determine your property lines. If needed contact a surveyor. You will want to be sure the fence lies within your own property lines.

  • Discuss your intentions with your immediate neighbors. They may be considering a similar project, in which case you might be able to combine your resources and share the costs of a dividing fence.

  • You will need to obtain the required permits. Local zoning ordinances may restrict your fence installation, both in terms of height and design.

Tri-Boro Fencing Contractors Inc. offers free estimates, material samples, and brochures to help make the process easy. We will also give you addresses of other installations in your area to view the quality of our work and fence materials used.

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